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Product Announcement! Gardener Soap… and … Sunshine and Spice Soap – NEW!!

*Trumpets blowing*

Beehive Soap proudly makes our fabulous, oh-so-scrumptious, yet hardy GARDENER SOAP! This soap has a blend of Orange, Patchouli, and Cinnamon essential oils working together in perfect harmony to create one yummy scent. I also add in a concoction of coffee grounds, pumice, and just a pinch of ground luffah to give this soap the oomph it needs to scrub up stubborn stains.  A perfect soap for gardeners, mechanics, and other tradesmen who need a soap that means business!

Gardener Soap

Due to multiple requests, I have also whipped up a bath soap with these same salivating scents, sans scrubbiness. I love getting requests like these, so keep ’em coming! Let the voices of the people be heard! Here’s a peak at my newly sliced soap which I have christened SUNSHINE AND SPICE!

Sunshine & Spice

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