Beehive Soap & Body Care - Our Story!

I have always been a lover of creating!   Early endeavors included simple crochet, sewing, tole painting and calligraphy to name a few. 

2006 - One day while reading the newspaper, I learned about a woman making soap in her kitchen, I was intrigued.  I began reading books on soapmaking and searched for information on the Internet.  I eventually posted a plea on Craigslist:  "Can someone please show me how to make soap?"  Thankfully Janice R. (who lives close by to me) answered my plea, showed me how to make a batch of soap, gave me some basic information, and I was off and running. 

I played around with cold process soap for three years as a hobby... which included the following:

  • sharing soap with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors as gifts
  • playing around with recipes, ingredients, fragrance, etc. until I had a good feel for the process and what ingredients produced a superior soap. 
  • doing the hard work of ensuring that each batch of soap would pass my own "shower test"! 

2009 - After completing my Bachelors Degree (Half completed before married; second half completed as an adult -- when my children reached college age),  I decided that it was time to turn my new passion into a small business.  I took my soaps on the road to a local Farmers Market that summer.   The name "Beehive Soap" was selected because I live in Utah, the Beehive State! 

2013 -- and my little soap business had outgrown our kitchen and we moved into an 800 square foot studio!

2016 -- our studio size doubled to 1600 square feet.

2017 update: 

Beehive Soap offers a fabulous skincare line that helps Self-Care savvy customers who want to indulge in daily pampering by using beautiful, wholesome, handcrafted products including "Soap so nice you'll want to lather up twice!"  I LOVE working in my business... so much so that when it is time to go home... I cannot believe how the time has flown by!  I have three or four gals who pitch in to help create and process orders as needed. 

I am a Certified Advanced CP/HP Soapmaker and a Certified Advanced Melt & Pour Soapmaker through the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild, and continue to be a member of this organization.  

I am a certified soap making teacher through the Guild (lessons available in the SLC,UT area).   From  2012 - 2014 I served a term on the Board of Directors for the HSCG. 

As my business grows (through boutiques, farmers markets, consignment accounts, wholesale accounts and internet sales) my goals include the following:

1.  Make fabulous soap and other body care products  that my customers love for their own use and to share as gifts with others!  Proud to be made right here in the U.S.A!  All items are handmade by me and my team - right here in Murray, Utah.  (Exception:  Soap nets are made by BEAZ, Inc., Florida)

2.  Make a living doing something I am passionate about!

3.  Give back!  Charities that are important to me include:  Festival of Trees - which benefits the Primary Childrens Hospita (we have donated a TREE for the Festival of Trees in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Clean the World, local benefit events/charitable groups.

Thank you!!! I know you have countless shopping options.  Thank you for visiting my website today!  Thanks to all who have cheered me along my journey!