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Fragrance Spotlight: Lavender - Beehive Soap and Body Care

Lavender is one of the most popular fragrances in soap and body care products, and for good reason. Lavender has a gentle and relaxing fragrance. It is often used in aromatherapy for its calming properties. Many natural products use lavender essential oil to create the soothing fragrance. Here are some of our favorite lavender bath and body care products. Mix and match to create a lavender gift set to offer tranquility and pampering to a loved one!

Lavender soap Goat Milk Cream - Beehive Soap and Body Care
Lavender Bath Fizzie - Beehive Soap and Body Care

Whipped Body Butter - Beehive Soap and Body Care


Lavender is highlighted in many products here at Beehive Soap and Body Care.  Lavender Dream Soap, Goat Milk Cream, Whipped Body Butter, Satin Smooth Sugar Scrub, Avocado Facial Lotion, Bath FIzzies and Shower Steamers.  We have tried many suppliers for our Lavender Essential Oil - and have settled on a beautiful Lavender grown in France at High Elevation.  It is consistently lovely (not that old Grandma Lavender)!


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