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Beehive Bazaar… one of my favorite things!!

As a handcrafted soapmaker – one of my favorite things to do is to find great boutiques and shows that feature handmade items – and apply to get in!  For three years now I have been a vendor at the Beehive Bazaar which is held twice a year in Provo, Utah.   Here is their fun logo/image!

It is one of those few boutiques that feature local, handmade, unique!  Each vendor is handpicked to assure a great selection for their loyal fans.  This is one of those events where you grab your sister, friend, or neighbor – and go exploring!  It is truly eye candy and you are sure to find that great gift for mom, a darling toy for your new grandchild, a stunning print to hang in your family room, and perhaps a few bars of soap to enjoy in your own shower or gift to those whom you love!  Enjoy this video featuring Beehive Soap as I create a batch of soap – and shout out my love of the Beehive Bazaar!  (Special thanks to Brooke Walker for her kind words!)