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Summer Markets - Why I do Live Events

It's Friday afternoon in Logan, Utah.  I am set up at the Logan Summerfest annual three day festival featuring art, performers, and food.  The event allows for a few craft booths -- and Beehive Soap and Body Care is one of those booths!  I look up from behind my table to see a gal looking over my products.  She has a one-in-a-million smile that I instantly recognize.  It is Sydney!  Sydney is now 16 years old and recently got her drivers license.  I have been attending Logan Summerfest as a vendor for the past 7? years (with the exception of 2020 due to COVID when event was cancelled).  Every year I have attended Summerfest Sydney has stopped by to visit my booth, showed delight for every single item I make, and made a purchase.  She must have been 7 or 8 years old the first year we "met".  Seeing Sydney's delight -- as if my booth was the only booth she was hoping to find -- is one of the reasons I box up product, gather all the things (tables, canopy, tablecloth, shopping bags), arrange for a hotel/airbnb, set up, vend for three days, box up remaining inventory, take down tables and canopy, and drive back home.  

I am still waiting for the woman who regularly stops by this same event... to pick up our Gardener Soap... exclaiming that it is THE BEST hand soap and attends the event with the goal of finding my booth to snatch another bar or two.  Perhaps she will stop by today!  


NOTE:  She did stop by on Saturday and purchased a bar of the Gardener Soap!!