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Smile A Day

A few months ago my niece asked for my help.  Her friend had recently lost her father to a surprise heart attack and my niece wanted to give her friend a “Smile A Day” present.  She was going to include small gifts and funny quotes/stories to be opened one each day.  One of the gifts was a bar of Beehive Soap!  She wanted to say something like “how a good shower with a sweet, new smell sometimes can make all the difference of the day”.  She also wanted to include a note from me which would include “what about making soap makes me smile or helps me to stay optimistic”.

My niece is very thoughtful, and I was glad to help.  Here was my reply:

Part of the reason I love to make soap is because of the beautiful fragrances I get to work with, but I also get to be a little creative blending new fragrances, or swirling with color, so that I create a new soap that no-one has ever made before! 
In a woman’s world – much of what we do… is the same thing we did the day before!  The laundry, the dishes, the cleaning… are all things we have to re-do the next day. When I “create” soap from scratch – I end up with a beautiful batch of soap that I can be proud of! 
Now – as I sell my soap – I am thrilled when I hear that someone actually “asked” for my soap for Christmas! It really makes me smile that I have made a product that people enjoy! 
I also love using the soap… it’s like a mini-spa treatment which takes the ritual of bathing up a notch! (Sometimes I’ll lather twice just because it’s so pleasurable!!)

Do you know someone who needs a “Smile A Day” sort of present?  What would you include?