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Play Stupid Games... Win Stupid Prizes! Beehive Soap and Body Care

We had our six year old Grandson visiting this past couple weeks -- which meant lots of outings to parks, childrens' museums, 4th of July carnivals and other assorted kid-friendly destinations.  My son Tyler encouraged our Grandson to choose activities wisely -- and often would say "If you play stupid games... you win stupid prizes!"  This phrase is still spinning in my head!  There is so much wisdom in those few words -- for six year olds and for adults as well!  We have lots of opportunities to make choices -- but the consequence of each choice comes along as well!  (i.e. Too much time in sun = sunburn.)

Spending a few minutes on your self care with Beehive Soap and Body Care's products is one choice that is simple to make -- and the "consequences" are extraordinary!   Here are a few examples:  Whether you enjoy a hot bath (Bath Salts, Bath Fizzies) or a pampering "self" manicure (Satin Smooth Sugar Scrub) or simply want to moisturize on these hot summer days (Solid Lotion Bar, Whipped Body Butter, Goat Milk Body Cream, Avocado Facial Lotion) you are sure to be rewarded with a Smile!

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