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Fragrance Spotlight: Kumquat

Our Kumquat Lotion bar has been a top seller for many years!  Because it was so popular... we soon added a Kumquat Bath Fizzie, Kumquat Body Cream and Kumquat Satin Smooth Sugar Scrub!  After receiving a customer request... we also added our Kumquat Soap!

Some people wonder... what is a Kumquat!???

A Kumquat is:  an orangelike fruit related to the citruses, with an edible sweet rind and acid pulp. It is eaten raw or used in preserves.


You can sometimes find Kumquats in the specialty section of your local Grocery's produce section.  You might also want to try cooking with Kumquats  -- just google Kumquat Pie, for example... and you will find several promising recipes!