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Best Day Yet (Attitude is Critical)

I have a neighbor who has a reputation for frequently declaring the following phrase:

“Today is my best day yet!”
I love his attitude. I realize that just by hearing this phrase… it makes my day a bit sweeter! I have learned from experience that we need to live each day to its fullest.

2012 was a year of challenges for me. A breast cancer diagnosis May 31, 2012 led to surgery in June, radiation treatments in July, and chemotherapy treatments from August through November (yes I lost my hair).

(Strange how so much sorrow, fear and hardship can be summed up in one paragraph!)

In spite of the challenges I have much to be thankful for. I am thankful for family members who took me to lunch, brought me “frozen meals” for the days when I didn’t feel like cooking, brought me hats and scarves, and for regular phone calls declaring their concern and love. I am thankful for good medical providers who cheered me on to the end. I am thankful for neighbors who brought in meals, and – incredibly – taped a note of love/support to my front door EACH and EVERY day I was going through chemo. I am thankful for a good wig that helped me face the world and carry on.

With treatments behind me I know that I have five years ahead of me where Doctors will be watching me closely. Sadly… I am not alone. Many of your also have endured cancer or have stood by loved ones who have endured this challenge. My heart goes out to you all. I also encourage all women 40+ to get their mammograms regularly. That is how my cancer was detected… and I had had a mammogram the year previous. It has been about a year since my diagnosis. In honor of Cancer Survivors Day (yes – there really is such a day), which is today, June 2nd, I am offering a discount of 15% off your purchases today only June 2 – use coupon code BESTDAYYET. First three people to order at least $24 in product with this coupon promotion will receive a free bar of soap (my choice)!! (Yea… that makes the deal even sweeter!)   Shop here ( .

How do you make each day your “best day yet?”