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Beehive Soap -- A New Chapter!!

2021 - A year to celebrate 12 years in business here at Beehive Soap and Body Care.  I am filled with so much gratitude for all the love and support I have felt from family (husband for help at many festivals/markets; daughter for her talents and assistance with logo/graphic design/photography/website; sister for her photography talents), friends, customers (many of whom feel like family), wholesale clients, employees, mentors.  

Our Beginnings

When I began this journey in 2009 (in my kitchen) I really was clueless about what was needed to start a business.... and then to keep it going!  I made so many mistakes -- but kept persisting.  I endured struggles (physical - breast cancer 2012; economic - Pandemic disrupting most wholesale accounts; business disruption - studio flood Spring 2021) and yet always kept going.  I'm so glad I did... as there were also successes and triumphs!   I absolutely love it when someone says "I love your stuff!"  "Don't ever stop making _________"  "My wife asked for Beehive Soaps for Christmas"  etc.


New Chapter

Which brings me to the present.  While I have loved growing Beehive Soap and Body Care from infancy, I have sensed that it is time for me to start a new chapter.  With that thought in mind I was fortunate to find a buyer for Beehive Soap and Body Care!  The thought of closing down Beehive Soap was so painful.... so I am thrilled to announce a new owner of Beehive Soap and Body Care:  Heather Marshall (I am on the left, Heather is on the right)

You are going to love Heather!

1.  She already knows how to make soap! BONUS!!

2.  She lives in Willard, Utah -- so she is close enough to our established accounts to keep them stocked up!

3.  If you live in Willard - Another Bonus!!!  You can likely arrange a time to go in person to HER studio and purchase product!

4.  She is passionate about body care.... and does her research before making a new product.  

5.  She is caring and compassionate.  She actually has a room at her home stocked with PROM dresses -- and allows young women to borrow a dress for prom (they simply pay for the dry cleaning afterwards)!


Heather and I have vended twice together at the Salt Lake Downtown Farmers Market in recent weeks.  Heather and I will be working together for several weeks - sharing formulations - processes - all the details so that Beehive Soap Lotion Bars, All Natural Deodorants, Whipped Body Butter, Soaps, Lip Balm, Bath Fizzies, Sugar Scrubs, Shaving Soap, Goat Milk Cream, Avocado Facial Lotion, Shower Steamers (did I forget anything?) can continue for many years!  (If there is product you want her to continue... vote with your dollars at!!) 


Patience Please!

We ask for your patience.  It will take time to box up all the things here at Beehive Soap's studio (fragrances, packaging, oils, molds, pots/pans/shelves, etc.) and get all that settled into Heather's new studio.  Rest assured -- Heather will fill orders as soon as possible.... and in the order received.